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French Debating Association

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre is declared Champion of the 2016 FDA Tournament!

FDA Tournament Final

14th of March 2016 at 7.30 pm

Hôtel de Lassay

Ladies and gentlemen,

It all started on January 28th, 2016.

After 17 Pools debates, two play-offs, two semi finals at the Instituto Cultural de Mexico and The Irish Embassy, all good things must come to an end.

Indeed, the worst thing about the FDA tournament is that it has an end game… But what an end game this year ladies and gentleman!

This year, we have a theme: Samuel Beckett was born 110 years ago and this anniversary did not go unnoticed by the FDA.

This is why our final motion and our final debate will celebrate his work:

This House Believes That Words Are All We Have.

And words will be needed by Ecole Normale Supérieure, who will propose the motion, and Université Paris Ouest Nanterre who will oppose the motion.

We have the distinguished privilege of being hosted by the President of the Assemblée Nationale at the Hôtel de Lassay.

Until then… We wait.

2016 Tournament Results

Semi Finals

04/03 - Hosted by the Mexican Embassy: Paris I v ENS : ENS goes through to the Final!

09/03 - Hosted by the Irish Embassy: Supaéro v Nanterre: Nanterre goes through to the Final!

Pool Matches

28/01 - Nanterre v Paris Sud: 2-1 Victory for Nanterre!

28/01 - Mines v ILERI: 3-0 Victory for ILERI!

28/01 - Assas v UPMC: 2-1 Victory for ASSAS!

01/02 - ILERI v Télécom : 3-0 Victory for Télécom!

06/03 - Supaéro v INSEEC: 3-0 Victory for Supaéro!

11/02 - Centrale v Polytechnique: 2-1 Victory for Polythechnique!

11/02 - Dauphine v ENS: 3-0 Victory for ENS!

12/02 - Télécom v Supaéro: 2-1 Victory for Supaéro!

13/02 - Paris Sud v ENA: 3-0 Victory for Paris Sud!

17/02 - Descartes v ENSAE: 3-0 Victory for ENSAE!

17/02 - INSEEC v Mines: 3-0 Victory for INSEEC!

18/02 - Paris I v Centrale: 2-1 Victory for Centrale!

19/02 - Polytechnique v Ponts: 3-0 Victory for Ponts!

20/02 - ENA v Assas: 3-0 Victory for Assas!

24/02 - ENS v Descartes: 3-0 Victory for ENS!

24/02 - UPMC v Nanterre: 3-0 Victory for Nanterre!

25/02 - Ponts v Paris I: 3-0 Victory for Paris I!

2016 Tournament Pools

Pool A: Ponts ParisTech - Paris I - Centrale Supéléc - Polytechnique

Pool B: Paris Sud - ENA - Paris II - UPMC - Nanterre

Pool C: Dauphine - ENS - Paris V - ENSAE

Pool D: Mines ParisTech - ILERI - Télécom - Supaéro - INSEEC

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Last Year's Edition


Last Year's Edition

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