French Debating Association


French Debating Association

Congratulations to ENSAE, our new FDA Tournament champion!


Pool Results

Pool B

24 Feb - ILERI vs Dauphine: 4 - 1 victory for ILERI!

28 Feb - Mines vs Polytechnique: 3 - 2 victory for Mines!

2 March - Ponts vs ILERI: 0 - 5 victory for ILERI!

7 March - Dauphine vs Mines: 4 - 1 victory for Dauphine!

8 March - Polytechnique vs Ponts: 4 - 1 victory for Polytechnique!

Pool A

2 Feb - Paris Sud vs Sciences Po: 1 - 4 victory for Sciences Po!

6 Feb - UPMC vs Assas: 3 - 2 victory for UPMC!

25 Feb - Supaéro vs UPMC: 2 - 3 victory for UPMC!

1 March - Assas vs Paris Sud: 3 - 2 victory for Assas!

4 March - Sciences Po vs Supaéro: 1 - 4 victory for Supaéro!

Pool D

23 Feb - Sorbonne vs Centrale: 5 - 0 victory for Sorbonne!

27 Feb - HEC vs Descartes: 1 - 4 victory for Descartes!

2 March - Centrale vs HEC: 2 - 3 victory for HEC!

8 March - Descartes vs Sorbonne: 1 - 4 victory for Sorbonne!

Pool C

7 Feb - Nanterre vs Télécom: 2 - 3 victory for Télécom!

8 Feb - ENS vs ENSAE: 2 - 3 victory for ENSAE!

22 Feb - ENSAE vs INSEEC: 3 - 2 victory for ENSAE!

1 March - INSEEC vs Nanterre: 1 - 4 victory for Nanterre!

2 March - Télécom vs ENS: 3 - 2 victory for Télécom!

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prEsident'S LETTER

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Dear friends OF and friends IN rhetoric,

The 2017 FDA debating season beckons us and we have prepared many surprises for you. However, before embarking on the journey of next year, I would like to step a little out of tradition and speak of the season we have just finished.

From humble beginnings in 1993, the FDA has gradually progressed to become a body which organizes France’s most comprehensive national debating tournament and many other related events. Each year sees us go from strength to strength and our 2016 season’s harvest saw us reach new heights.

Our veterans’ tournament was a huge success and our schools’ competition saw new blood take centre stage and demonstrate the prowess of a future generation of debaters.

None of this would have been possible without the energy and the devotion of our joint secretaries general (Albertine and Francesco) and I would like to use this forum to express the FDA’s extreme pride in having such hard working, industrious but especially innovative young leaders.

Now to 2017. We are happy to welcome a new member to the fold – the Université de Strasbourg and we remind them that last year’s rookies (Paris Ouest Nanterre) blazed a trail not only to our final but to ultimate victory!

The FDA also has a new logo and we have added a new criterion (“Engagement”) to our adjudication rules. Thus we are constantly evolving!

2017 promises to be a vintage year with our proceedings reaching a finale at the Assemblée nationale on Monday mars 27 and we extend our warmest thanks once again to President Claude Bartolone for granting us this possibility.

Our veterans’ and schools’ competitions will continue to flourish and we welcome our renewed cooperation with the Franco-British Comparative Project, the University of London in Paris and Frateli, as well as the French Embassy in London.

Our aims are simple and are goals are true: debate, exchange, mutual-understanding, friendship and progress.

Yours in rhetoric,

Declan Mc Cavana,

President of the FDA

Latest News

2016 FDA Tournament

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre is declared Champion of the 2016 FDA Tournament!