The FDA believes very strongly that, through debating, students are taught the fundamental principles of logic, argumentation, and expression.

Indeed, in their weekly debates students are incited to take the stand, convince a jury, and entertain an audience… all whilst speaking in a foreign language!

In doing so, our students dramatically improve their level of English, and often reach perfect fluency.

Public speaking and argumentative skills are invaluable in a professional environment, and in teaching them the FDA truly contributes to higher education.

This begs the question: “why not teach them in schools”?

Indeed, if students benefit from debating, then surely pupils would benefit even more!

For these reasons, in 2015 the FDA created an annual High-School Tournament. This tournament follows the same rules and procedures as the annual Higher Education Tournament, to guarantee that pupils receive the same outstanding experience as their fellow senior debaters.

Four of the most prestigious schools in Paris participated in the first edition of this Tournament, and pupils as young as 14 proudly took the podium and debated complex motions before a booming audience.



Lycée Claude Monet

Ecole Alsacienne

Ecole Alsacienne


Lycée Hector Berlioz