We believe that public speaking and argumentative skills should be developed as soon as possible, as they are an invaluable asset. To this end, and for the first time this year, the FDA held a debating tournament specifically for High-schools.

Four of the most prestigious schools in Paris participated in this event: Ecole Alsacienne, Massillon, Henri IV and Camille Sée. Pupils as young as 14 proudly took the podium and debated complex motions before a booming audience.

Believe us, these kids could give our senior debaters a more than serious challenge!

On the 12th of April, the Final of our High-school tournament was held at Paris II’s Salle des Fêtes: Henri IV and Ecole Alsacienne, which had won their first round, debated the motion “This House Would Blow Up Parliament”.

If not the Parliament, they certainly blew all expectations!

After a fierce debate (which included an appearance from Yoda himself) Henri IV became the 2016 School Champion.

We congratulate the four teams which participated, and hope that many more schools will join us in giving these bright young pupils a chance to take the stand and demonstrate their amazing talent.